PLATO - Science Conference

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I. Boisse - Stellar variability noises for exoplanet detection with radial-velocity
C. Charbonnel - Impact of transport processes on stellar evolution
R. Errmann - Search for young transiting planets in the YETI network
L. Fossati - On the determination of stellar atmospheric parameters: problems and solutions
R. Farmer - Eclipsing binaries and astrophysical false positives in the PLATO fields
L. Gizon - The PLATO Data Center
G. H├ębrard - Transiting planets search and characterization with the SOPHIE spectrograph at OHP
D. Homeier - Calibration of stellar atmosphere models with radiative hydrodynamic simulations
K. Kislyakova - Transit observations and hydrogen and ENA-cloud modelling as a tool for exoplanet magnetic and plasma environment characterization
T. Lueftinger - VAMDC - Virtual Atomic Molecular Data center
P. Machalek - The processing of Kepler data focusing in particular on systematics removal
G. Maciejewski - High precision photometric follow-ups of transiting exoplanets: towards transit timing variation
D. Mislis - New generation transiting light curves
A. Nascimbeni - TASTE: The Asiago Search for Transit Timing variations of Exoplanets
S. Raetz - Observations of transit timing variations at the University Observatory Jena
T. Reinhold - Light curve analysis with Kepler
E. Schisano - Detection with PLATO of atmospheric lensing effects during planet transit
H. Voss - Gaia broad band photometry as preparatory tool for the PLATO mission
F. Wagner - Structure and composition of transiting super-Earths


Thursday Morning
M. Fridlund - The Status of PLATO
C. Catala - The PLATO Mission
H. Rauer - PLATO Science Preparation organisation
A. Baglin - The CoRoT Mission

D. Latham - Insights from the Kepler Mission
R. Nelson - Recent models of planetary systems formation
A. Johansen - Terrestrial planet formation in the PLATO era
G. Hebrard - The obliquities of the planetary systems detected with PLATO
M. Havel - The Mass-Radius relationship for gas giants

Thursday Afternoon
J. Cabrera - Planet detection approach in PLATO. Lessons learned from CoRoT and Kepler
M. Pätzold - The Needle in the Haystack: Searching for Planetary Transits in Stellar Lightcurves
R. Silvotti - Exoplanet detection through timing
S. Dreizler - Planetary systems of post-common envelope binaries
D. Ehrenreich - Transmission spectra of exoplanet atmospheres

G. Piotto - PLATO Field Selection
M. Barbieri - A pre-GAIA vision of the solar neighbourhood
S. Mathis - On star-planet interactions
P. Wheatley - Planets around M stars with PLATO
J. Linsky - Characterizing the radiation environment of M dwarf exoplanets
H. Lammer - Testing atmospheric evolution scenarios

Friday Morning
S. Udry - PLATO Follow Up
F. Bouchy - Radial Velocity Follow Up
R. Diaz - Radial Velocity Simulations of Blended Stellar Systems
M.-J. Goupil - PLATO Stellar Science
T. Morel Non-seismic diagnostic and model atmospheres

A. Hatzes - On the mass of CoRoT-7b
J. Christensen-Dalsgaard - Stellar evolution and asteroseismology
L. Gizon - CoRoT seismology of solar-like planet-host star
A. Valio - Stellar physical charecteristics from transits
F. Lignieres - Mode identification in fast rotating classical pulsators
G. Wuchterl - AGE - concepts, stars, planets, accuracy and what CoRoT teels me

Friday Afternoon
T. Granzer - Getting precise stellar parameters in PLATO's first field
S. Vauclair - Helium abundance and Asteroseismology of Exoplanets-host stars
J. Southworth - Eclipsing binary stars: Free science from PLATO
G. Houdek - Amplitude ratios and phase shifts in solar-type stars

W. Weiss - PLATO Additional Science
S. Littlefair - Brown dwarf atmosphere science with PLATO
R. Szabo - Additional Science on Classic Variable Stars with PLATO
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