Microbial Motility and its use as a universal Biosignature


Our main objective is to develop and test an automated microbial motility detection device with adjustable environmental conditions.

We investigate both the motility behavior of microorganisms (bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes) under various conditions, as well as engineering strategies for automated tracking and microscopic detection of life during space missions.

A spin-off of that work is the ERC-funded Portable Device for Detecting Pathogens (PortPath) project.

PortPath can automatically detect pathogens in water resources and can be operated by laypersons and non-medical professionals.

Members: Max Riekeles, Lea Janssen, Daniel Maurer, Janosch Schirmack, and Sebastian Siewert.

Duration: Oct 2020 - Oct 2023

Contact person: Max Riekeles, riekeles@tu-berlin.de


Recent outcome:

M. Riekeles, J. Schirmack, D. Schulze-Makuch (2021). Machine Learning Algorithms Applied to Identify Microbial Species by Their MotilityLife 2021, 11, 44. doi:10.3390/life11010044