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Social Events


Where: Entrance Hall of the Physikneubau der TU.
When: 2002-09-23 18:00
What: Get your conference information folder, have a beer & some snacks, and say hallo to everybody.

Poster sessions

Where: Entrance Hall and rooms nearby of the Physikneubau der TU.
When: 2002-09-24 -- 2002-09-28
What: Have some cake, coffee, beer, etc.,
look at posters, keep yourself informed about other people's work,
put questions forward to the authors themselfs & have interesting scientific discussions,
and get in contact with potential colaborators or bosses.

Historical trip and Conference dinner


Two guided tours are offered. You can choose between:

Berlins New Center:
A tour to the Regierungsviertel and to the Potsdamer Platz. This tour lasts approx 3 hours.
The Pergamon Museum:
The Pergamon Museum consists out of three different collections: the Collection of Classical Antiquities, the Museum of Ancient Near Eastern Antiquities, and the Museum of Islamic Art.

Students have to pay 3 EURO for the tour and others 6 EURO.

More information follows!

The Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner (a buffet) takes place at the restaurant Nolle. Students have to pay 15 EURO and others 25 EURO. Drinks must be paid by yourself.

More information follows!

Unorganized throughout the week: Walk through the Tiergarten Berlin

The Tiergarten is a large Park nearby the Conference location. General Information about the Tiergarten can be found on this Web-Site (,,Für Berlin ist der Tiergarten das, was der Central Park für New York ist...'').

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