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TU Berlin


Dust Formation in Radioactive Enironments

P. Woitke

in: Astronomy with Radioactivities, workshop of the Max Gesellschaft at the Ringberg castle, Tegernsee, Germany, eds. R. Diehl et al.

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Time-dependent behavior of cool star winds

P. Woitke

in: Cyclical Variability in Stellar Winds, eds. L.Kaper and A.W.Fullerton, ESO Astrophysics symposia, Springer, p.278--288

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Role of Molecular Opacities in Circumstellar Dust Shells

Ch. Helling

Dissertation, Technische Universität Berlin (1999)

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On the formation of ''warm molecular layers''

P. Woitke, Ch. Helling, J.M. Winters and K.S. Jeong

Astronomy & Astrophysics, 348, L17-L20 (1999)

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Tip-AGB stellar evolution in the presence of a pulsating, dust-induced "superwind"

K.-P. Schröder, J.M.Winters and E. Sedlmayr

Astronomy & Astrophysics, 349, 898-906 (1999)

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