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TU Berlin

Members of the research group

Current members of the team at the Zentrum für Astronomie und Astrophysik (TU Berlin), the Institut für Astronomie (U Wien), and of other Institutes are:


Berlin/Vienna members
Breitschwerdt, Dieter Berlin Theory of Interstellar and Intergalactic Medium, High Energy Astrophysics, Analytical and Computational Astrophysics (Head of Group)
Abmeier, Nina Berlin Topology of cosmic-ray driven galactic winds with cosmic-ray diffusion (MSc)
Baumgartner, Verena Vienna Metal Ejection into Intergalactic Medium of Groups and Clusters of Galaxies by ram pressure stripping and galactic winds (PhD)
Dawidczak, Marian Berlin t.b.d. (BSc)
Feige, Jenny Berlin Supernova traces on Earth; Solar System dust (micrometeorites)
Guzman, Consuelo Leipzig Motion of high velocity clouds with a bow shock in the halo of disk galaxies (MSc)
Haarseim, Tim Berlin t.b.d. (BSc)
Maihold, Claudia Berlin Numerical simulations of 1D time-dependent cosmic-ray-driven galactic winds (MSc)
Nenninger, Eike Berlin t.b.d. (BSc)
Patzer, Beate Berlin dust formation in the extended atmospheres of AGB-stars; molecular astrophysics/astrochemistry
Schulreich, Michael Berlin Transport processes of high-energy cosmic rays in the interstellar medium
Thamm, Alexander Berlin Numerical modelling of the gas loss of a young open star cluster (BSc)
Tietje, Ingmari CERN (Geneva) AEgIS experiment (PhD)
Zwettler, Georg Vienna Acceleration of Cosmic Rays beyond the "knee", Fokker-Planck transport equation in special geometries (MSc)


External members
de Avillez, Miguel (Department of Mathematics, University of Évora, Portugal) Theory of Interstellar Medium, Turbulence Theory, Computational Astrophysics (Guest Professor)
da Camaro Manuel, Nuno (Department of Mathematics, University of Évora, Portugal) High Resolution Numerical Studies of Supersonic Compressible Turbulence in Molecular Clouds (PhD)

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