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TU Berlin

Nichtlineare Plasmaphysik II (Vorlesung)

Wichtige Informationen zum Online-Betrieb

This course takes place as an online course.

Please send an email to register:

  • Name, first name
  • email contact address
  • Course of studies (university if applicable)
  • Matriculation number

to sekretariat@astro.physik.tu-berlin.de.

You will then receive more information per email.


Lecturer: Prof. Dr. W.-Ch. Müller

Time: Monday 14-16, Place: Eugene-Paul-Wigner-Gebäude der TU, Hardenbergstr. 36, ER 164, Begin: 2020-04-20 (weekly)

Language: English/German


This lecture deals with the numerical fundamentals which are indispensable for creating, performing and interpreting numerical simulations of physical systems on your own laptop or on a massively parallel computer. Topics covered:

  • Digital number representation and calculation accuracy, interpolation,
  • Differentiation, integration, equation solving, pseudo-random and Monte Carlo methods, differential equations + classification
  • Spectral methods


Two-hour lecture.

Target group

Lecture as part of the elective module Nichtlineare Plasmaphysik in the master program. Other students with interest in plasma and plasma astrophysics.


Requirements:Bachelor degree

Language: German/English


Lecturer: Prof. Dr. W.-Ch. Müller

Time: Tuesday 14-16, Place: Hauptgebäude der TU Berlin, Straße des 17. Juni 135, H 2033, Begin: 2020-04-21 (weekly)

Language: German/English

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