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TU Berlin

Vertiefungen Nichtlineare Plasmaphysik

Important information on online operation

This course takes place as an online course.
Please send an email to register:

Name, first name

email contact address
Course of studies (university if applicable)
Matriculation number
to sekretariat@astro.physik.tu-berlin.de.

Further information will be given to you by email.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. W.-Ch. Müller

Time: Monday 10-12 and Tuesday 16-18, Ort: Eugene-Paul-Wigner-Gebäude der TU, Hardenbergstr. 36, ER 164, Beginn: 2019-10-14 (wöchentlich)

Language: Englich/German


A finite-volume 2D solver of the compressible magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) equations will be implemented step by step. MHD solvers are valuable tools in order to study the dynamics of astrophysical systems involving magnetic fields by direct numerical simulation. In modern theoretical physics, the need to solve complex, nonlinear and coupled systems of partial differential equations requires basic knowledge of numerical methods. To this end, relevant technical aspects are introduced and implemented interactively with the students, who write their own MHD solver with the assistance of the lecturers. Technical aspects include, but are not limited to: time integration methods, boundary conditions, order of convergence, techniques to maintain the solenoidality of the magnetic field, input/output issues, visualisation of the fields etc. Basic programming knowledge is certainly helpful. While the participants are free to use the programming language they wish, the use of Fortran90 or C is recommended in order to ensure that the lecturers can deliver optimal support in case of numerical problems.


Two-hour lecture

Target group

Supplement to the compulsory optional subject module Nonlinear Plasma-Physics (Master's degree program). Other students interested in plasma-astrophysics.

Zusatzinformationen / Extras