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TU Berlin

Hybrid PIC simulations: laboratory magnetic reconnection and turbulence

Physical problems: laboratory experiments of magnetic reconnection, ion kinetic plasma turbulence

Numerical code: CHIEF: Hybrid-PIC (Particle-in-Cell) code, AIKEF code

Relevant publications:

  • Jain, N., Büchner, J. , Comișel, H., & Motschmann, U. (2020). Free energy sources in current sheets formed in collisionless plasma turbulence. Arxiv preprint: 2008.13206
  • Chatraee Azizabadi, A., Jain, N., & Büchner, J. (2020). Identification and characterization of current sheets in collisionless plasma turbulence. Arxiv preprint: 2009.03881
  • Muñoz, P. A., Jain, N., Kilian, P., & Büchner, J. (2018). A new hybrid code (CHIEF) implementing the inertial electron fluid equation without approximation. Computer Physics Communications, 224, 245–264.

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