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TU Berlin

Oral examinations

Students who attended to the basic lectures with Prof. Breitschwerdt and would like to pass the examination should proceed as follows:

  • Prepare the course material intensely (transparencies and textbooks are recommended).
  • Register at the examination office.
  • Physics students can register for an examination date via the SAP system, students of other fields of studies, please contact the secretary's office.
    Current examination periods or dates can be found on Prof. Breitschwerdt's website.
  • If you have acquired certificates for the accompanying exercises/tutorials, please submit them to the secretary's office (currently also online).
  • A appeal in the interest of your fellow students: please only register, if you know that you will be able to keep the appointment, otherwise the appointments will be lost after you have deregistered.
  • Currently all examinations are online. For more information please contact the secretary’s office.


  • Passwords for the lecture slides can be obtained from the office or from the .
  • A list of possible examination topics can be obtained from the .

Students who have attended the lectures by Prof. Müller, Prof. Schulze-Makuch or Prof. Wolf and would like to pass an examination, please contact directly the lecturer about possible examination dates.

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