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TU Berlin

Seminar: Ausgewählte Themen der Astrophysik

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. D. Breitschwerdt
Time: Friday 14-18, Place: Eugene-Paul-Wigner-Gebäude der TU, Hardenbergstr. 36, EW 561, Begin: 2019-10-18 (weekly)
Language: German


Berichte über laufende Forschungsarbeiten und Fortschritte im Bereich Astronomie und Astrophysik.


Student talks supervised by professors and research assistants.

Target group:

Studierende im Bachelor-, Master- und Diplomstudiengang.

Das Seminar ist für Mitglieder der Arbeitsgruppe Astrophysik.

Friday 2019-10-18 14 Semesterbeginn: Seminar-Vorbesprechung
Friday 2019-10-25 14 Amir Chataree: Identification and characterization of current sheets in plasma turbulence
Friday 2019-11-01 14 Andrea Pavone: Machine learning approximation of Bayesian inference in fusion research
Friday 2019-11-08 15:30 Sehyun Kwak: Bayesian modelling of fusion experiments
Friday 2019-11-15 14 Alina Keil: Analytische Studien zur Expansion der Fermi-Blasen
Friday 2019-11-22 14 Xin Yao: Radio wave generation by electron beams in the solar atmosphere
Friday 2019-11-29 15:30 Philipp Baumeister: Machine learning inference of exoplanet interior structures
Friday 2019-12-06 14 Jean-Mathieu Teissier: Magnetic helicity inverse transfer in supersonic isothermal MHD turbulence
Friday 2019-12-13 14 Jakob Neef: Hydromagnetic astrophysical bow shocks
Friday 2020-01-10 14 Ralph Neuhäuser: A nearby recent supernova that ejected the runaway star zeta Oph, the pulsar PSRB1706-16, and 60Fe found on Earth
Friday 2020-01-17 14 Masahiro Hoshino (University Tokyo): Relativistic astrophysical magnetic reconnection
Friday 2020-01-31 15 Neha Chaudhary: Investigation of Optically Grey Electron Cyclotron Harmonics in Wendelstein 7-X
Friday 2020-02-07 14 Jenny Feige, Alessandro Airo & students: Astronomy & Astrobiology in the Atacama Desert
Friday 2020-02-14 14 Victoria Arlt: Analyses of nearby young stellar associations using Gaia DR2 data for detecting past supernovae

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