Theses Topics

Für Studenten: Unser neues Poster mit Angeboten für Bachelor-, Master-, Diplom- und Doktorarbeiten kann hier heruntergeladen werden.
  For students: Our new poster for theses topics is out and can be downloaded here.

There is always more work to do in our group than people available. Therefore do not hesitate to ask for theses topics. We offer research problems in modern astrophysics to be tackled under supervision on all levels, i.e. PhD, Diploma (MSc), Bachelor (BSc, called "Bakkalaureat" in Austria).

The research fields (see Research pages) range from Local ISM, to general evolution of ISM in star forming galaxies, dynamics of superbubbles, turbulence in compressible media, magnetic fields, cosmic rays, waves in plasmas, galactic halos and outflows from galaxies (galactic fountains, galactic winds), evolution of intergalactic medium in groups and clusters of galaxies.

The research methods we use are:

The suggested theses work is mainly theoretical and addresses fundamental astrophysical problems like: