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Propagation of Energetic Electrons in the Solar Corona and the Interplanetary Space

H. Önel, G. Mann, and E. Sedlmayr

"Proceedings of the 11th European Solar Physics Meeting

The Dynamic Sun: Challenges For Theory And Observations, ESA Publications, 2005"

Grain formation in dynamical atmospheres

E. Sedlmayr, and A.B.C. Patzer

EAS Publication Series 11, 51-66 (2004)

Mesoturbulence and the physical parameters of the Bok Glubules CB 24, CB 25, CB 202, CB 213, and CB 231

M. Hegmann

Astronomische Nachrichten, 325, 21 (2004)

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Impact of tubulence induced temperature fluctuations on astrophysical condensation processes

V. Schirrmacher, U. Dirks, and E. Sedlmayr

Astronomische Nachrichten, 325, 26 (2004)

Dust nucleation in oxygen-rich environments

A.B.C. Patzer

ASP Conf. Series, 309, 301-320 (2004)

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Formation and evolution of dust clumps around cool stars

G. Niccolini, P. Woitke, and B. Lopez

Astrophysics and Space Science Library, 283, 245-246 (2003)

Radiative Transfer and dust formation in the envelopes of evolved stars

G. Niccolini, B. Lopez, and P. Woitke

SF2A-2003 Semaine de L"Astrophysique Francaise, EDP Conf. Series, p. 555 (2003)

Theoretical color mass-loss relations for O-rich Mira stars

K.S. Jeong, J. M. Winters, Th. LeBertre, and E. Sedlmayr

Astrophysics and Space Science Library, 283, 139-141 (2003)

Dust-driven Wind Models for long-period variables in the case of low metallicity

A. Wachter, J. M. Winters, and E. Sedlmayr

Astronomische Nachrichten, 324, 130 (2003)

Study on synthetic spectra of substellar objects

S. Pervan, Ch. Helling, P. Woitke, and E. Sedlmayr

Astronomische Nachrichten, 324, 127 (2003)

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