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TU Berlin

Programme of EGU 2020 session ST 1.9

 "Theory and Simulation of Solar System Plasmas
(access to all accepted abstracts and the EGU chat)" 


1. Zoom-Session on Wednesday 6th of May 2020


Click here for the Zoom link if you want to participate

Meeting-ID: 853 5577 9134
Password: 031630


Turbulence & Reconnection - Chairperson: Jörg Büchner

  • 9:00-9:25 Michael Hesse, Cecilia Norgren, Paul Tenfjord, James Burch, Yi-Hsin Liu, Li-Jen Chen, Naoki Bessho, Susanne Spinnangr, and Håkon Kolsto.
    How does dissipation work in the electron diffusion region of asymmetric magnetic reconnection .
  • 9:30-9:55 Romain Dupuis, Jorge Amaya, Giovanni Lapenta, Martin Goldman, and David Newman.
    Automated characterization of magnetic reconnection using particle distributions .
  • 10:00-10:20 Jeffersson Andres Agudelo Rueda, Daniel Verscharen, Robert Wicks, Christopher Owen, Georgios Nicolaou, Andrew Walsh, Yannis Zouganelis, and Santiago Vargas.
    Identifying and Quantifying the Role of Magnetic Reconnection in Space Plasma Turbulence .
  • 10:25-10:45 Emanuele Papini, Antonio Cicone, Mirko Piersanti, Luca Franci, Simone Landi, and Petr Hellinger.
    Multiscale analysis of Hall-MHD and Hybrid-PIC simulations of plasma turbulence: structures or waves? 

Solar Wind -- Chairperson: Giovanni Lapenta


  • 10:50-11:10 Xingyu Zhu, Jiansen He, Die Duan, Lei Zhang, Liping Yang, Chuanpeng Hou, and Wang Ying.
    Possible Generation Mechanism for Alfvenic Velocity Spikes and Magnetic Field Switchbacks as Observed by PSP .
  • 11:15-11:35 Daniel Verscharen, Seong-Yeop Jeong, Benjamin Chandran, Chadi Salem, Marc Pulupa, and Stuart Bale.
    Kinetic theory and simulation of electron-strahl scattering in the solar wind .
  • 11:40-11:55 Jinsong Zhao, Heyu Sun, Wen Liu, Huasheng Xie, and Dejin Wu.
    Electron Kinetic Instability Driven by Electron Temperature Anisotropy and Electron Beam in the Solar Wind .
  • 12:00-12:15 Ilya Kuzichev, Ivan Vasko, Angel Rualdo Soto-Chavez, and Anton Artemyev.
    Role of Whistler Waves in Regulation of the Heat Flux in the Solar Wind .
  • 12:20-12:35 Luis Preisser, Xochitl Blanco-Cano, Domenico Trotta, David Burgess, and Primoz Kajdic.
    Influence of He++ and shock geometry on interplanetary shocks in the solar wind: 2D Hybrid simulations.
  • 12:40-12:55 Alexander Vinogradov, Anton Artemyev, Ivan Vasko, Alexei Vasiliev, and Anatoly Petrukovich.
    Non-adiabatic interaction of ions with solar wind discontinuities.


2. Zoom-Session on Thursday 7th of May 2020


Click here for the Zoom link if you want to participate

Meeting-ID: 839 3118 3101
Password: 011892


The Sun -- Chairperson: Philippa Browning


  • 09:00-09:20. Thomas Wiegelmann, Thomas Neukirch, Dieter Nickeler, and Iulia Chifu.
    An optimization principle for computing stationary MHD equilibria with solar wind flow .
  • 09:25-09:45. Xiaoshuai Zhu, Thomas Wiegelmann.
    Magnetohydrostatic modelling of the solar atmosphere: Test and application .
  • 09:50-10:10. Wenzhi Ruan, Rony Keppens.
    MHD simulation of solar flare by applying analytical energetic fast electron model.
  • 10:15-10:35. Xiaowei Zhou, Patricio Munoz-Sepulveda, Joerg Buechner and Siming Liu.
    Coherent emission driven by energetic ring-beam electrons in the solar corona.
  • 10:40-11:00. Baolin Tan.
    Magnetic Gradient May Play as a Natural Driver of Solar Eruptions.


The Sun -- Chairperson: Shangbin Yang


  • 11:05-11:30. Xin Huang.
    Solar flare forecasting model using 3D magnetic field data.
  • 11:35-11:50. Yi Bi.
    Dynamics of moving knots in a solar prominence observed by New Vacuum Solar Telescope.
  • 11:55-12:10. Quan Wang, Shangbin Yang, Mei Zhang, and Thomas Wiegelmann.
    Relative magnetic helicity dissipation during major flares.
  • 12:15. Summary and Conclusions.


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