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TU Berlin

Master's thesis projects

If you are a Master student interested in one or more of the following topics:

  • Plasma physics,
  • Electrodynamics, fluid mechanics, statistical mechanics,
  • Solar system plasmas (solar corona, solar wind, Earth's magnetosphere, etc.),
  • Computer programming (Fortran, C),
  • Visualization by Python (or similar software),

we offer the following Master's thesis projects:

  1. Magnetic reconnection through forming current sheets.
  2. Effect of ion dynamics on electron shear flow instabilities in magnetic reconnection.
  3. Role of electron inertia in kinetic plasma turbulence.
  4. Effect of external magnetic field on wave-vector anisotropy in plasma turbulence.
  5. Contribution to Vlasov code development for electron scale plasma physics.
  6. Linear stability of force free current sheets at electron time scales.
  7. Heating and particle acceleration by magnetic reconnection.
  8. Radio-wave emission by plasma instabilities.
  9. Electron acceleration by kinetic plasma turbulence.


Your supervisors will be Prof. Dr. Jörg Büchner, Dr. Neeraj Jain and/or Dr. Patricio Muñoz. Please contact us for further details (see our e-mail addresses here).

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