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TU Berlin

Multi-Phase Turbulence & Jets

Dr. Martin Krause

(Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik, Garching)
Dienstag, den 8. Dezember 2009, um 16:00 s.t. im EW 114

Eugene-Wigner-Gebäude (TU), Hardenbergstr. 36

Vortrag im Rahmen des Astrophyskalischen Kolloquiums



The turbulent interaction of gas phases with very different cooling times is essential for many problems in astrophysics. Issues include the stability of the gas phases, the equilibrium distribution of mass, kinetic and thermal energy, dissipation mechanism and timescale and radiative energy input and output. I will present multi-phase turbulence box simulations, evolving the equations of hydrodynamics with optically thin cooling in two and three dimensions. Supplemented by large scale simulations, I will apply the results to the problem of jet feedback in the formation of massive high redshift galaxies, where the whole interstellar medium is observed to be stirred up by the low density jet, and expelled from the host galaxy. I will also briefly show our most recent simulations on radiatively driven multi-phase turbulence and apply it to the problem of the geometrical thickness in the dusty tori of active galactic nuclei.

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