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Young scientists video interviews during the conference from 12 to 14 September 2022 in Berlin

Credits: Michal Czyz @digitalmike

Dear fellow SPP folks

The joint PFE-SPP1992 meeting in September is approaching, and with it a little outreach-project of the SPP: We would like to conduct some video interviews with young scientists of the SPP to give the SPP website some personal voices.

The interviews would be conducted during the 3 meeting days in lunch breaks and poster session, whenever you have time. The interview shooting process should be no longer than 15-20 minutes per person, which will then be edited down to about 5 minutes for the website. The questions will cover your research work, your personal & professional background and, if there is time, a little bit of life outside research. You can speak English or German, whatever works better for you. We will of course send you the questions beforehand and also send you the edited video for approval.

So, are you an early-career scientist in the SPP? Would you be willing to share your personal story with the world? Do you want to use this opportunity to share your science with a general audience? Do you have 20 minutes spare time at the September meeting? In that case, please feel free to contact Tina, Ruth, Tanja, or Ludwig from the Outreach team at

Have a great summer and hope to see you all in Berlin in September!

Your friendly SPP outreach team

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