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The composition of Mercury and how it relates to exoplanets – DLR Seminar by Olivier Namur

Olivier Namur during his seminar at DLR Adlershof.

As part of the SPP 1992 visitor program, Prof. Olivier Namur from the Catholic University Leuven, Belgium, visited the DLR in Berlin from 13th to 22nd February. There, he worked with SPP 1992 PI Nicola Tosi on how to combine his work on the melting of rocky planetary material with models on the outgassing behavior of exoplanets to study their composition and history. On 20th February, he held a seminar on “Differentiation of the metal-rich planet Mercury and implications for dense Super-Earths”, where he talked about how to use interior models and his experiments to constrain the interior properties of Mercury and how this relates to exoplanets with potentially similar composition.

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