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Teacher training at DLR on the topic of exoplanets

For all interested teachers, especially from the STEM subjects, we are offering an afternoon (3 – 6 pm) on 25 June 2024 on the topic of exoplanets and missions.

Credits: SPP 1992/Patricia Klein

Did you know that an exoplanet was discovered on average every day last year? There is therefore a lot of news from the world of exoplanets since the last teacher training course in summer 2023.

On average, a new extrasolar planet was discovered every day last year. At the moment, the number is just under 5700.

Please email by 7 June 2023 with the following details:
Surname, first name, school, nationality (for the admissions service)

Please direct any queries to: Tobias Bohnhardt, Phone: +49 30 67055 169

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