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Summerschool in Heidelberg from 5 to 8 September

From September 5 to 8, everything at the Haus der Astronomie will revolve around the topic of exoplanets and how to implement this exciting topic in school lessons. From introductory lectures to tutorials, a colorful program covers the most important aspects of the search for exoplanets, investigations of their atmospheres, and also the question of how it might be possible to detect life on exoplanets in the not too distant future.

Who can participate?

The Haus der Astronomie has a limited number of places for the “Heidelberg contingent” for participants from Heidelberg and the surrounding area. Participation includes attendance at four online morning sessions (which students of Heidelberg University can also have credited as a course) and participation in the actual summer school, including catering (coffee breaks and lunch) on site.

Our SPP-member Dr. Ruth Titz-Weider will be part at this teacher training on September 8. The topic of her talk will be the Citizen Science Project Planet Hunters and a presentation of the SPP 1992.

If you would like to participate, please contact as soon as possible.

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