SPP 1992 Call for Proposals (Second Funding Period)

The Senate of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) has established the Priority Programme “Exploring the Diversity of Extrasolar Planets” (SPP 1992). The programme is designed to run for six years; the present call invites proposals for the second and last three-year funding period of the SPP 1992.

One of the most exciting recent discoveries in astronomy is the existence of a huge variety of extrasolar planets orbiting other stars, including numerous multi-planet systems. Exoplanets can be very different to those found in our Solar System, and range from the so-called “Hot Jupiter” and “mini-Neptune” gas planets to large rocky planets (“super-”Earths). This Priority Programme aims to explore such diversity and understand its origins.

Please use the templates for proposals (Latex and Word). The review meeting is planned for May 2020 in Bad Honnef. The preliminary agenda is the following:

Start: May 6, 2020, late afternoon

End (for applicants): May 7, 2020, late afternoon

End (for review panel): May 8, 2020, late afternoon