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Planet 12

RedDots: all terrestrial planets within 5pc

Principal Investigators

  • Dr. Sandra Jeffers
    Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung, Göttingen


We will build on our discovery of Proxima b and Barnard’s star b by searching for terrestrial planets within 5 pc. Our proven method uses long time-baseline, regular nightly-sampled HARPS RVs supported by comprehensive photometry and spectroscopic activity indices.  We will develop activity models to push our detection techniques and apply these to our new data sets aswell as RedDots  archival data sets.   We will robustly detect and measure the orbits of potentially habitable planets in all systems, and the stars’ activity and rotation.  This is urgent: these will be top priority planets for characterisation, their properties will influence designs of forthcoming instruments for exoplanetary atmospheric studies.


Sandra Jeffers

Florian Liebing

Invited Guests

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