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Planet 15

NLTE in the upper atmospheres of exoplanets

Principal Investigators

  • Dr. Antonio García Muñoz
    Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin
  • Dr. Andreas Schweitzer
    Universität Hamburg, Hamburg


This project will investigate the physics of Non-Local Thermodynamic processes in the upper atmospheres of exoplanets, aiming to identify the diagnostic possibilities of such processes and their impact on the stability of the exoplanet atmospheres over long timescales. The project combines the expertise of theorists and observers, and a diversity of scientific backgrounds beyond exoplanet science: stellar astrophysics, planetary interiors and multi-dimensional numerical hydrodynamics. The project combines the expertise of various participants in the SPP1992 program, which should strengthen the currently existing links between collaborators and create new ones.

Invited Guests

No guests have visited this project so far.

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