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PFE-SPP1992 joint meeting – Discussing all things planetary

From Monday, 12th September, to Wednesday, 14th September, the PFE-SPP1992 joint meeting on (Exo)Planet Diversity, Formation and Evolution took place at the FU Geocampus in Lankwitz, Berlin. It hosted about 100 participants in person, with a further 80 registering online. People from institutions all over the world took part and contributed to the meeting, including from the US, Argentina, India, and several European countries. The 53 oral presentations and 43 poster contributions featured a healthy mix of topics related to planet research, including planetary formation, observation, interior modeling, atmospheres, and habitability studies, discussing both solar system objects and extrasolar planets. They sparked a lot of cross-disciplinary discussion among the participants, both during the presentations and in the breaks. Particular highlights were Tilman Spohn’s public lecture on Mars exploration in the Zeiss-Großplanetarium on Sunday evening, and the Social Event at the Dinosaur Hall of the Berlin Museum für Naturkunde on Monday evening.

We want to give special thanks to the Freie Universität Berlin who hosted the conference on their premisses, to the people of TU event agency TUBS who did a lot of the necessary logistics, to our invited speakers Kaustubh Hakim, Sarah Rugheimer, Thorsten Kleine, Frances Westall, Ana-Catalina Plesa, Tim Pearce, Kevin Heng, and Cedric Gillmann, and of course all the wonderful participants who took part in the event and engaged in the scientific discussion!

Below, you can find some visual impressions from the event:

Group picture on Tuesday. Credit: Bernd Wallrodt

Tilman Spohn’s public lecture “Dem Mars auf die Pelle rücken”. Credit: Aashana Tripathi

Opening of the conference by Heike Rauer (fourth from left). Also pictured: local organizing committee. Credit: Anna Julia Poser

Conference dinner around the tallest mounted dinosaur skeleton in the world. Credit: Aashana Tripathi
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