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Our SPP 1992 members at the roadshow in Heidelberg

Impressions from the Raodshow Heidelberg, which took place from 19 to 23 July.

Carolin Kimmig presented our SPP 1992 poster

There was not only great weather with bright sunshine, but also many exciting impressions for the visitors of this successful event. Many questions were asked and nice conversations were held.

Carolin Kimmig

Our SPP 1992 members Carolin Kimmig, Dane Späth and Yiannis Tsapras were our astrophysics experts on site.

The “SPP 1992 – Exploring the diversity of extrasolar planets” introduced its work and contributions and presented them to interested guests and scientists.

Dane Späth

Whether from the field of astronomy or simply interested, there was something for all visitors to discover!

The lectures offered were also well attended, among others by our SPP 1992 member Hubert Klahr.

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