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The marvellous world of exoplanets

The first planet orbiting a star other than the sun was discovered in 1995. To date, more than 5,000 extrasolar planets are known. The idea that there might be similar worlds somewhere far away from us can be found in ancient writings, as well as in the works of Giordano Bruno and Immanuel Kant.

Extrasolar planets have completely different, unexpected properties than “our” planets. They allow us to understand how planets form and develop. A new chapter in the search for and characterisation of extrasolar planets will be opened by the European PLATO mission, whose scientific leadership lies with the German Aerospace Center. It will be launched in 2026 and aims to find planets orbiting in the life-friendly zone of their star.

Our SPP 1992 member Dr Ruth Titz-Weider will give a talk on Monday, 11.03.2024, at 19:00.
The event will take place at the Karl Rahner Academy in Cologne.

Find more information here.

Public Outreach
Cologne, Karl Rahner Academy
7:00 pm –
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