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10th Joint Workshop on High Pressure, Planetary and Plasma Physics (HP4)

To bring together researchers from these different fields in the physical sciences, a workshop series has been established by DESY, XFEL GmbH, DLR Berlin, the University of Rostock and Bayerisches Geoinstitut to discuss related topics and problems. The aim of the upcoming workshop is to continue the discussion of scientific questions with relevance for extreme planetary environments at high pressures and high temperatures. Such conditions are prevalent in the deep interiors or in the atmospheric envelopes of planets and satellites of our solar system as well as of other star systems.

The workshop will include a mix of solicited, contributed and poster presentations. This meeting is also intended to inspire new projects and offer a discussion space to foster collaboration between workshop participants from the various research fields.

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Bruessels, Royal Observatory of Belgium
12:00 pm – 12:00 pm
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