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732nd WE-Heraeus Seminar

Under the theme “Matter under Extreme Conditions” the 732nd WE-Heraeus Seminar took place virtually from from the 20th – 23th of October 2020. It was organized in four topical sessions:

  • Interior structure and dynamics of exoplanets: rocky and icy bodies
  • Ab-initio modeling for planetary materials in the TPa range
  • Experiments towards the TPa regime
  • Diagnostics of ionized planetary matters

As the spokesperson of the DFG research unit “Matter Under Planetary Interior Conditions – High-Pressure, Planetary and Plasma Physics ” Ronald Redmer, who is also the PI of several SPP 1992 projects, was one of the main organizers of the seminar. Szilard Csizmadia and Ansgar Reiners, who are PIs of SPP 1992 projects, as well as Philipp Baumeister – a SPP 1992 PhD student – gave talks on the topic of exoplanets.

For further information please visit also the website of the seminar.

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